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Astrological Charting Services

We at Vision Quest are proud to be able to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and complete astrological services available anywhere. Whether you know nothing about astrology or are an expert astrologer, we have the right chart for you.
We have been diligently providing accurate and beautiful charts to our customers since 1987.
We take extra care to verify the data on all our charts to ensure complete accuracy. We specifically ask that our clients double check the data they provide to us by initialing each astrological form they fill out (by phone, our staff will repeat the data back to you for verification). This guarantees that you will receive exactly what is requested.
All our charts are printed on a state of the art, high quality laser printer (1200 dpi) using a beautiful calligraphy style type face for the astrological glyphs and a handsome style for the text. (For an additional charge, we can print on color or parchment paper stock.) Most of our customers agree that these are the best quality and most attractive charts they’ve ever seen.

To order any of the astrological charts
listed below, simply call:


Our knowledgeable staff will gladly answer your astrological questions and assist you by taking your astrological data and credit/debit card information over the phone. Charts can be picked up in person or mailed directly to you (additional postage charge required). All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

Please review our listing of available astrological charts and their requirements below.

Chart Requirements

All charts require the exact date, time and city of birth. The precise time and location of birth are critical for calculating an accurate natal chart. If the time is not known, then we can calculate the chart based on sunrise for that day (a Sunrise Chart) or for 12 noon (please indicate your preference). While this is not an ideal natal chart, it can provide some basic knowledge about the individual. The precise location is equally important to calculate an accurate chart. We also ask that our customers include the current city of residence or the anticipated city of the next birthday. This is for purposes of calculating charts other than the natal chart.


House Systems & Zodiacs

For your convenience, all our charts are calculated using the Koch House System, the Tropical Zodiac and the True Node unless otherwise requested.

For those with specific needs, we can calculate your charts using any of 10 different House Systems; Placidus, Koch, Equal, Campanus, Meridian, Regiomontanus, Topocentric, Porphyry, Natural and Vedic. Your charts can also be calculated using Tropical, Heliocentric or Siderial zodiacs and either True or Mean Node.


Asteroids, Parts & Aspects

By special request, our charts can be printed with inclusion of all the major Asteroids (Chiron, Pallas, Juno, Ceres and Vesta) or if you prefer, only Chiron. We can also include the Part Of Fortune/Part of Spirit and Aspects to the Ascendant and Midheaven. These inclusions must be specifically requested.

The following is a list of our most frequently used charts and services. If you do not find the chart or service you need, please ask since we provide much more than space here permits.


Uninterpreted Astrology Charts
(Charts Only)

Natal Chart – $5.00
This is our most popular chart. It is the placement and positions of all the planets at the time of birth and is the primary chart an astrologer uses to do an interpretation for a client. This chart includes all major Aspects drawn in the center hub and a second data page with Declinations, Right Ascensions, Elemental/House Emphasis, and an Aspectarian for complete chart delineation. This chart is for all who understand the basics of astrology and can read the glyph symbols. This is not an interpreted chart.

Transit Chart (Bi-Wheel) – $5.00
This is a chart within a chart (Bi-Wheel). The inner chart is called the reference chart and is usually the natal chart of a person (it can also be the chart of a place or business, etc.). The outer wheel is the transit chart showing the planet’s current position (or the position of any date you select). Together this chart shows us where the transiting planets are activating the natal chart. Besides the birth data, you must supply us with the transit date for the second wheel. This is not an interpreted chart.

Solar Return – $5.00
Every year around our birthday, the Sun returns to the exact position of our birth Sun, hence, Solar (Sun) Return. When we plot a chart for this precise moment (some years it may be a day before or a day after your birthday) it is called the Solar Return Chart. This chart gives us the energies influencing our lives during the course of our personal year (from birthday to birthday). It is an extremely helpful chart in revealing clues about the people, circumstances and events of our year. Not an interpreted chart.

Lunar Return – $5.00
Similar to the Solar Return, the Lunar Return is a chart of the Moon’s return to your natal Moon, hence Lunar (Moon) Return. Since the Moon takes 29 1/2 days to transit the Zodiac, every month it will return to your Natal Moon position. This is your monthly Lunar Return. It will reveal to you the people, circumstances and events taking place during whatever month you specify. This is not an interpreted chart.

Progression or Direction (Bi-Wheel) – $5.00
We offer several types of progressive charts in a bi-wheel (wheel within a wheel) or a single wheel form. Progressions are generally based upon the ratio of a time interval. The most typical ratio is, “one day equals one year.” Thus, if we take our age, count this number of days from the date of our birth and then plot a chart for that day, it will reveal the energies for this year of our lives. This method is called the Secondary Progression and is the most common of all progression methods. The next most common is called the Direction. In a Direction the planets will typically move the same distance as the Sun, (i.e., if the Sun has moved 30° then all the planets move 30°). Progressions and Directions provide information about the stages or cycles of life that we all pass through. You must provide a progression date as well as the birth data for this type of chart. Not an interpreted chart.

Transits & Progression (Tri-Wheel) – $7.00
This is a three wheel chart (wheels within wheels) which includes the natal chart as the reference chart, a progressed chart as the second wheel, and the current transits (or whatever date you choose) as the third chart. This type of chart combines many issues conveniently on a single page. You must provide a transit and progression date as well as the birth data for this type of chart. This is not an interpreted chart.

Composite Chart – $7.00
When we take all the mid points between the planets of two charts, and create a chart from them, it is called a Composite Chart (e.g., the mid point between a Sun in Aries and a Sun in Gemini, would be a mid point or Composite Sun in Taurus). The Composite Chart reveals the dynamics of a relationship and particularly what each individual brings to the relationship, as well as the issues that brought the two together. The birth data for two individuals is required for this chart (fill out a separate form for each). This is not an interpreted chart.

Relationship Chart – $7.00
Similar to a composite chart, the Relationship Chart is calculated based upon the mid points between dates, times and places of birth of the two individuals in question. The difference between a Composite and Relationship Chart is subjective. As to which type of chart is best to use, this is generally determined by an astrologers training and preferences. The birth data for two individuals is required for this chart (fill out a separate form for each). This is not an interpreted chart.

Synestry Table (For Relationships) – $7.00
This is a matrix table with one person’s planets across the top of the table and another person’s planets down the left side. Inside the boxes of the matrix are the midpoint Signs (degree & minute) and Aspects created by the planets of the individuals. This table is extremely helpful in determining the dynamics of a relationship. The birth data for two individuals is required for this table (fill out a separate form for each). This is not an interpreted chart.

Transit Search (1 yr., all planets) – $12.00
This is what is called a “hit list” of all the major planetary aspects which will be affecting a natal chart during the course of a year (excluding the Moon). It is composed of columns of data starting with the Transiting Planet, the Transiting Aspect, and the Natal Planet being aspected. This list then tells you the date the aspect begins (Applying), the date of it’s exactness (Partile), and the date of it’s departure (Separating). You must provide a transit date as well as the birth data for this type of chart.This is not an interpreted chart.

Progressed Hits – $5.00
Similar to the Transit Search, this is a “hit list” of all major aspects for a year from the Progressed Planets to the Natal Planets. Progressions, Solar Arcs, or Directions may be used for this list but must be specified. You must provide a progression date as well as the birth data for this type of chart. This is not an interpreted chart.


Computer Interpreted Charts

For our customers who don’t yet understand the intricacies of astrology or for those just beginning to learn, we offer computer interpreted charts for your convenience. These charts are calculated and interpreted to a remarkable accuracy. They are not only thorough in their level of mathematical precision but are truly astounding in their insight and guidance offering powerful understanding for the novice as well as the expert.

Here is a list and description of the interpreted charts we offer.

Natal Report (Approx. 25 pgs) – $15.00
This report is our most popular. Laser-like in it’s accuracy, it zeros into the life of an individual, providing stunning insights and guidance. This report includes a Natal Chart and a legend to assist those wishing to explore astrology much deeper. However, no knowledge of astrology is required to appreciate and thoroughly enjoy these wonderful Natal reports.

Relationship Report (Approx. 25 pgs) – $25.00
This very insightful report gathers all the available astrological data between two people and synthesizes it into a revealing report of breakthrough insights. Approximately 25 pages, this report includes the Natal Charts of both individuals as well as a legend. No knowledge of astrology is required.

Transit Report: 1 month $10.00 • 3 months $25.00 • 6 months $40.00 • 12 months $60.00
This report is specifically tailored to your own personal natal chart and provides a startling accurate forecast of the month(s) to come. What could be better than being forewarned of the invisible rhythms which will affect your life in the near future. The size of this report varies depending upon the number of months requested and includes a natal chart and legend. No knowledge of astrology is required.


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