Apryl J. Douglas

Tarot • Numerology • Photo-Psychometry

Apryl is the founder and owner of Vision Quest Metaphysical Bookstores and Learning Centers, as well as the author of Developing Psychic Abilities. A natural-born psychic who, since 1976, has been helping others through teaching and psychic counseling. She is adept at photo-psychometry (reading photos), tarot cards, numerology, energy balancing, channeling and is a state board certified behavorial therapist. Private sessions are available with Apryl by advanced appointment only. Apryl is available for psychic counseling at Vision Quest Metaphysical Bookstore on Saturdays. Call (480) 949-1888 for availability.

Developing Psychic Abilities

by Apryl Douglas


Devel­op­ing Psychic Abil­ities is a long time meta­phys­ical classic gem and one of the most com­prehen­sive yet simpe books avail­able on the subject of psy­chic devel­op­ment avail­able. Apryl Dou­glas, the owner of Vi­sion Quest Metaphys­ical Book­store in Scottsdale, AZ, out­lines nu­mer­ous metaphys­ical meth­ods to as­sist the be­ginner in explor­ing and estab­lish­ing a dom­inant modality for their psychic devel­op­ment. It covers tech­niques that include: Man­i­fest­ing • meta­phys­ical healing • aura cleans­ing • chakra bal­anc­ing • gem­stone healing • aura reading • automat­ic writing • channel­ing • crystal gazing • trance • psychic pro­tection • nu­merology • herbs • incense & oils • can­dles • spiritual baths • as­tral projection • affirmations • and more.
Having been pre­vi­ously out-of-print for many years, it has now been revised and ex­panded to be a rel­evant and con­temporary classic that will con­tinue to be help en­light­en students of metaphysics for many decades into the fu­ture. Click on the book or here to browse through the book on Amazon.com.