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With the knowledge from your Astrology chart, you can prepare yourself for the unexpected. Break through limiting patterns and gain insight by understanding the cycles and events in your life from a new and exciting perspective.

Rocky combines a sensitive and unique personal counseling style with an extensive knowledge of the complexities of astrology. His astrological expertise has been further enhanced by over 26 years of professional experience. He can focus on relationship comparisons and compatibility dynamics, career and life directions, finances, karma, and overall life patterns.

Rocky has been a counseling astrologer since 1976. He is a State Board Certified Behavioral Therapist as well as an astrological writer, contributor and an active member of the Association For Astrological Networking (AFAN), National Counsel For Geophysical Research (NCGR), International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR), he is the former president of the Arizona Society of Astrologers (ASA), as well as the former co-owner of Vision Quest Metaphysical Bookstore.

Full consultations are approximatly 2 hours and cover your past (Natal Chart), your present (current Solar Return), and your future (Transits and Progressions for the coming year).
All appointments require a nonrefundable $20 deposit along with the chart information (Date, Time, and City of Birth).
You may record your session. We can record your session for you using our recorder, but you must bring your own cassette tape (enough to cover a 2 hour session) or your own recording device. We make no warrenties about the quality of the recordings we produce.

Full Natal Consultation — $100
Relationship Consultation — $130
Prices do NOT include the $20 deposit.
Credit Cards Accepted (with a $5 service fee)
Appointments must be made at least one week
PRIOR to the consultation date.

For appointments call Vision Quest at:


3114 East Indian School Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85016
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