Mercury Retrograde Periods for 2013

The RED shaded areas indicate dates when Mercury is Rretrograde.

There are Pre and Post Shadow periods before and after the retrograde. The first Green date is the Pre Shadow Point and marks the beginning of some noticeable retrograde changes. It is when Mercury is at the position where it will later turn Direct. The last Shadow Point is when Mercury returns to the position at which it first went Retrograde. This is a time when things will begin to get back on track.

The gray areas are those during the Mercury Shadow Period. This period marks the gradual beginning and ending of the sometimes chaotic Mercury retrograde influence.

The Pink numbered days are for the Mercury Storm period and will be the most erratic as Mercury is moving at its slowest and thus greater intensity is influenced upon those things ruled by Mercury (communication, mechanical things, transportation, connectors). Essentially, the slower a planet moves, the more powerful it's influence intensifies. During these Mercury Storm days, plan more carefully and avoid starting things "never done before".

The Retrograde cycle starts with warning Shadow days, intensity increases during the Mercury Storm, things then move into the heightened chaos of the Mercury Retrograde, it then slows and we have Storm days at the end of the Retrograde, a final tapering off of Mercury effect during the closing Shadow Period cycle, and then clear days ahead!